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Long Term Substance Abuse Treatment

Back2Basics is a long-term substance abuse and alcohol treatment program for young adult males, ages 18 to 30 years of age. Back2Basics substance abuse treatment supports young men struggling with addiction in a safe, stable rehab community.  Located in vibrant Flagstaff, Arizona, our community gives your loved one the opportunity to recover and grow from drug and alcohol abuse in a positive, peer-driven, staff-supported, healing-outdoor and residential sober living environment.

Therapy and Counseling for Addiction Treatment

Our program goes beyond the basics of traditional drug and alcohol rehab to help every resident develop personal and group accountability, in addition to, responsibility – characteristics that tend to be forgotten or ignored by most active drug addicts and alcoholics. Residents participate in a series of intensive, life-skill building activities that are tailored specifically for those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. These activities include: daily practice of the 12 Steps of recovery, outdoor adventure (hiking, snow boarding, surfing, camping), therapy, health promotion (exercise and healthful eating), in-depth study of Kung Fu and internal arts, college and university courses, and weekly culinary class.

Life Skills and Education for Addiction Treatment

Throughout the week our Back2Basics residents participate in individual and group therapy with our Clinical Team, a group made up of the top doctors and therapists in Flagstaff, who have extensive experience in the realms of substance abuse and related dual diagnosis disorders. The combination of therapy and life-skill building components of the extended program succeeds in producing long-lasting sobriety for our alumni.

High Success Rate

Our long-term treatment recovery model provides the foundation needed for addicts. This alternative approach to rehab and substance abuse recovery has given Back2Basics an extremely high success rate. Back2Basics is dedicated to providing the personnel and professional expertise, along with the concrete infrastructure to combat drug and alcohol addiction – both essential to the long-term transformation of our residents into self-sustaining, sober men.

Comprehensive Support

Alcohol and drug addiction can be an overwhelming burden on families and loved ones. Back2Basics offers a comprehensive program that not only works with the alcoholic/drug addict, but also works diligently to support those closest to our residents.

Committed to Recovery

The Back2Basics therapeutic rehabilitation model has proven successful over and over. In the last 20 years, the assembly of substance abuse staff and professionals at Back2Basics have addressed the needs of thousands of at-risk youth and young adults in Flagstaff alone. Back2Basics is committed to the recovery of your loved ones from the deadly disease of alcohol and drug abuse.

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