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What makes Back2Basics so unique?

Back2Basics was created by an expert staff of licensed and credentialed professionals, the majority of whom actively participate in 12-step recovery. Through decades of experience with alcohol and drug addiction we know it can be painful, often leaving one feeling hopeless and without options. Back2Basics knows how to bring hope, joy and reconnection to this hopeless situation.

We offer an alternative approach to the 30-day treatment that other centers emphasize, which often do not succeed in producing long lasting sobriety in their graduates. Back2Basics involves a six month residential environment that provides the opportunity for participants to engage in real life safe and sober activities. According to DrugAbuse.gov “research indicates that most addicted individuals need at least three months in treatment to significantly reduce or stop their drug use and that the best outcomes occur with longer durations of treatment.” Studies suggest that the longer the alcoholic or addict is removed from distracting surroundings, the longer they will stay sober and helps better guarantee recovery success. Back2Basics resides in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona for the optimal communal, long-term sober environment surrounded by positive peer-to-peer interaction. (Why Flagstaff?)

Therapy and Counseling

Every week Back2Basics residents will attend individual and group therapy sessions. Each individual and group session is led by a licensed therapist and clinically supervised master’s-level counselors. Residents will be led by the same therapist(s), throughout a his entire stay at Back2Basics. It is best to use the “power of the group” (group involvement) for interventions such as confrontation on specific individual issues, peer pressure, modeling by other members, and personal non-sexual connections. Individual therapy sessions can be used to sort out issues within a trusted, non-threatening atmosphere. Individual sessions can also be used to deal with very personal issues. More about the Therapy Program.

Outdoor Adventure Program

The Back2Basics Outdoor Adventure Program offers residents an outdoor community in the beautiful scenic atmosphere of Northern Arizona, which is a days drive from Utah, Colorado, California and Mexico. Throughout the initial phase at Back2Basics residents will participate in a series of hiking and camping adventures at The Grand Canyon, Mogollon Rim, Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona and San Francisco Peaks. In addition to these activities, Back2Basics residents will partake in white water river rafting adventures on the Colorado, San Juan, Salt and Verde Rivers. While in the outdoors, sustenance living that emphasizes the essential processes in daily tasks, are taught and practiced. Some of our residents have gone on to become Wilderness First Responders to be better equipped on Outdoor Adventure and post Back2Basics.

Nutrition Program

Back2Basics’ nutrition curriculum builds life skills by teaching residents how to prepare their own healthy, nutritious and tasty meals. Overseen by Kathleen Arreola who has over three decades of culinary expertise, the Nutrition Program includes daily menu planning, nutritional education, sanitation education, organic gardening, weekly culinary classes, and community involvement.  Back2Basics residents will work as a kitchen team and rotate purchasing, planning and cooking for the residences in treatment with them.

Back2Basics residents participate and assist in the oversight of the Flagstaff Community Garden. The garden consists of 27 plots, each approximately 80 square feet in size. The Back2Basics residents are contributing tenants, maintaining and inventorying tools and materials at the garden for communal use. Back2Basics residents also help with fund raising and community garden events to help bring awareness to the Flagstaff locale.

Exercise Program

Current relapse prevention models suggest that addicts in the early stages of recovery (first year of sobriety) can benefit immensely from minutes of exercise daily, getting their heart rate up to 70% of its maximum heart rate. Back2Basics believes good nutrition and physical exercise are two significant life-skill components in drug and alcohol recovery.

Kung Fu/ Health Promotions Instructor Ben Scharfenberger leads daily Qigong classes – literally translated as “energy work“. Qigong is an ancient system of health promotion and maintenance that blends movement, breath, posture and intention. Qigong practice has been noted to enhance feelings of calm and focus, as well as improve the general psychology of the practitioner. More about the Exercise Program.

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