For Families Signs of Abuse

Signs of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse
Changing several friends or changing peer groups
Suddenly popular with friends who are older and unknown to family
More frequent phone calls from new friend
Social activities occurring more often, sometimes at odd hours
Thrill seeking behaviors, evidence of law breaking, promiscuity signs and other dangerous physical situations

Isolation from family members (hiding in room, locking bedroom door) and avoiding family activities
Exhibiting negative attitude toward rules and parents
Failing to follow through on promises
Sneaking out of the house
Becoming manipulative
Steeling medications from family members that have not been prescribed to the individual

Lacking motivation and lower grades
Sleeping in class
Skipping class or school
Dropping out of school activities
Becoming disrespectful of teachers, administrators and rules
Frequently being disciplined
Suspended or Expelled

Smelling of alcohol, marijuana or stale smoke
Strong chemical odor (in room, on clothing, on breath)
Mask-like facial expression
Lack of pain response
Rapid muscle gain
Slurred speech
Poor coordination
Frequent minor illnesses (headaches, nausea, vomiting, slight tremors, flu- like symptoms, sluggishness)
Paranoia (Excessive use of drugs or alcohol)
Extremely talkative or fast speech
Runny nose or bloody nose
Neglects taking prescribed medications or takes more medication than usual
Memory lapses
Noticeable weight loss or unusual eating patterns (types of food, amounts, time of day)
Dry mouth
Dry or itchy skin
Picking at skin or hair
Signs of injection or arm infections
Red eyes and frequent use of eye drops
Dilated pupils
Change in normal sleep patterns (more or less than usual, frequent naps)
Injuries occurring more often
Frequent respiratory, eyes, venereal, or cut infections that rarely heal
More frequent complaints of pain or illness
Severe cough that does not go away

Shoplifting from stores or stealing from family members
Unmanageable behaviors like skipping school and not following family rules
Incidents or Charges for Public Intoxication, DUI, Vandalism, Breaking and Entering Underage Use
Involved in car accidents or near misses
Selling drugs

Impaired judgment (putting self in dangerous situations)
Talking about or attempting suicide
Violent or threatening (verbally or physically)
Lethargic or uninterested
Mood swings
Operating at an inappropriate maturity level
Increased emotional responses (more emphatic than individual would normally be)

Poor management of money
Spending large sums of money and always asking for more money
Having drug paraphernalia in bedroom or school locker
Reading drug oriented magazines or watching drug related movies obsessively
Wearing drug oriented clothing and accessories
Using drug slang, words like:
“Cubes, dots, sugar, strawberry fields, sunshine, tabs, window pane, trips, squirrel, pane, pace, paper, big C, blanco/blanca, blow, blast, Bolivian, caine, Charlie, Columbian, Girl, Heaven, Happy Powder, Mama Coca, Mojo, Nose, Peruvian, Pimp, Powder, She, Sniff, Snort, Snow, Toot, Star, Trails, White Lady, Stardust, Crack or Freebase, Bedrock, 24-7, Bad, Basing, Boost, Bump, Cloud, Hardball, Fry, Ice, Piles, Sherms, Whack, Clarity, Crystal, Decadence, G, X, Herbal Bliss, wafer, exotically, gum, Shabu, love drug, Cloud Nine, herbal X, Rave Energy, XTC, Alquitran, anti-freeze, Aries, beast, Big H, brown sugar, chine white, brown, crap, dirt, DOA, dope, Dr. feelgood, gallup, gato, gold, goodhorse, H, hard, Henrry, Harry, shoot-up, skag, spoon, smack, shoot, tigre de blanco, quill, mayo, Karachi, wings, witch, Amy, army, bolt, climax, lockerroom, nitrates, oz, snappers, thrust, whippets, Weed, ganga, bud, IZM, Ju-Ju, Mary and Johnny, Mary Jane, Mary Jonas, mow the grass, moving the lawn, bowl, broccoli, budda, butter flower, pine, cannabis, root, rope, sen, shrimp, siddi, crying weed, toke, wheat, wooz, yeh, yellow submarine, Grata, griff, gungun, herb, Crystal Meth, crank, bathtub crank, glass, pep pills, stove top, uppers, tweak, whitecross, speedball, go fast, granulated orange, gorilla pills, rocket fuel, trank, jet fuel, wave, purple plain, Prozac, greens, green and whites, zacs, pros, limes, Zoloft, Zs, Zoomer, z-loft, As, anabols, gym candy, oxys, GHB, pumpers, arnies, stackers, weight trainers, etc.”
Talking about drugs.
Smoke, ambient deodorant or strong perfume odor
Eye Avoidance
Small bottles with screw on lids for storing cocaine (usually)
Small plastic packets with white residue
Chemicals missing in the home or quantities decreasing quickly
Paper bags or rags used to sniff the chemicals
Discarded containers of whipped cream or spray paint

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