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Alcohol and drug addiction is a difficult disease for all parties involved. The staff and therapy team at Back2Basics are ready to help educate and provide the necessary tools and information for both the addict and their loved ones.

Back2Basics’ main focus is the overall health and well being of our residents. The passionate B2B clinical staff is licensed credentialed at least Master’s level education and ready to assist B2B residents on their path to recovery and a successful sober life through weekly individual therapy and daily group therapy and process groups, life skills development, vocational training and weekly outdoor adventure.


What does tuition cost at Back2Basics?

Tuition costs approximately $9,000 per month, for the six-month program.

What does tuition cover?

Residential and Domestic Needs: Housing, staff availability 24/7, full kitchen services, groceries, toiletries, and transportation.

Therapeutic Needs: Includes the cost for weekly one-on-one therapy sessions with our experienced and professional therapists, in addition to our daily process and therapist lead groups.

Educational Needs: Includes the participation in all on- and off-site vocational training,  on-site sustainable gardening, weekly on-site culinary class, and weekly on-site writing class.

Legal Needs: It also covers the cost for arraignment fees with the courts and/or probation offices to have the resident work extra hours and earn funds to help payback restitution fines.

Community Involvement: Group outings, 12-step conferences, retreats, seminars and community service.

Daily Fitness: Full access to the local Flagstaff Athletic Club (full amenities at gym), weekly Kung Fu class and other daily physical fitness and recreation.

Will my loved one be able to continue schooling?

We believe education is one of the cornerstones to becoming a productive, sober adult. Back2Basics residents have the option of completing their degree at local Northern Arizona University or Coconino Community College. For more questions regarding higher education within the program please give us a call. To learn more about our Education Program at Back2Basics click here.

Do you accept insurance?

We are a self-pay sober living community. Components of our therapeutic/clinical program may be applicable for reimbursement for certain insurance policies.

Can Back2Basics accommodate court-ordered needs?

Our admissions specialist can assist with court-ordered stipulations. After we have gone through the admission process, our assessment and admissions team will be able to contact the probation officer or court to adhere the court mandates.

Contact Us: For more questions about tuition please contact us by email or by phone.

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