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Every week Back2Basics residents will attend individual and group therapy sessions. Each individual and group session is led by a licensed therapist and clinically supervised master’s-level counselors. Residents will be led by the same therapist(s), throughout a his entire stay at Back2Basics. It is best to use the “power of the group” (group involvement) for interventions such as confrontation on specific individual issues, peer pressure, modeling by other members, and personal non-sexual connections. Individual therapy sessions can be used to sort out issues within a trusted, non-threatening atmosphere. Individual sessions can also be used to deal with very personal issues. Issues addressed during individual sessions are frequently taken to group, at the individuals discretion.

Back2Basics Therapeutic Group

Back2Basics Therapeutic Group

Common topics would include: individual issues, sobriety, the 12 Steps, defenses, PAW (post acute withdrawal), prevention and signs of relapse, coping skills, spirituality, honesty, self-care and balance. The primary purpose of what we do at Back2Basics is to support a well-rounded, sober lifestyle including daily 12-step meetings and physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. This generally involves a major shift in attitude and lifestyle and requires considerable support by a 12 step community, sponsors, groups, and therapists.

To support the recovery process from a clinical approach, Back2Basics administers frequent (at least weekly) urine analyses. Relapse is often part of recovery, however, continued relapse is not in the best interest of the program or the other clients, and cannot be tolerated for that reason. The focus during the therapeutic procedures is to ensure the resident’s needs and welfare are appropriately met. Continued, health-driven sobriety of each resident is our primary goal.

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